We are Dedicated to Arizona Eating Disorder Treatments

We have three programs dedicated to Arizona Eating Disorder Treatment

Individualized treatment for adults 18+ in an intensive home-like setting, providing realistic challenges and opportunities to excel in your recovery.

An intensive group treatment experience for adults 18+ designed to meet an individual’s mental health and eating disorders needs through counseling and nutritional education. 

An intensive group experience for adolescents 12 to 17 years of age to meet their eating disorder and disordered eating needs along with addressing mental health and family needs through intense counseling and nutrition education.

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Residential treatment and Intensive Outpatient programs provide individuals with a supportive peer group that understands the challenges that arise from an Eating Disorder.  By living together or by participating in the Intensive Outpatient clinic with continuous therapeutic support, individuals learn to practice making healthy decisions when they experience feelings that accompany their eating disorder.  Individuals will learn to be mindful of feelings like anxiety, fear or shame, and to experience those feelings in ways that won’t compromise their lives

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We recognize that each individual has a unique story, and his or her own distinctive strengths and challenges.  With input from the individual, his or her loved ones, and our experts, we develop an Arizona  Eating Disorder Treatment plan for each individual. 

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We are here to help all individuals who are dealing with many different types of eating disorders. If you need more information on Arizona Eating Disorder Treatment or how to tell if you need help please check out our resources page for helpful information.