Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program

Community Connection’s Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a treatment option designed for adolescents who need more support than standard outpatient therapies offer, but not quite the intensity of residential treatment. An intensive outpatient program is an opportunity for the adolescent member to receive professional care for an eating disorder, a mental health concern and the effects of trauma in an intensive treatment environment.
Members must be between the ages of 13-17 and be medically stable to enroll in the Community Connections Adolescent IOP.

As an adolescent is accepted into Community Connections Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program,  he or she receives a thorough evaluation by members of our multidisciplinary Arizona Eating Disorder Treatment team, including our Primary Therapist, Registered Dietician (RD)/Nutritionist, Registered Nurse (RN) (if needed). Each treatment team member’s findings are reviewed with our entire clinical staff.

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As a result, our full knowledge about effective treatment for eating disorders is integrated into each individual’s treatment plan.  From these evaluations, an individualized treatment plan is developed, which sets the path for the specific direction of the treatment.  
The Community Connections treatment team meets with the adolescents
outpatient treatment team as directed in the service plan to discuss and update each individual’s treatment plan.
We believe the individual as well as the family is an integral part of the treatment team, and is included in setting and redirecting the treatment process.

Community Connections works closely with the member’s outpatient team and support system to ensure continuity of care and to ensure that all of the member’s needs and the needs of the family are considered.
Program enrollment length is a minimum of twelve weeks or 36 sessions.

Elements of the program may include:

Group Sessions:

Group sessions make up the foundation of our programming. Adolescents participate in groups for three hours each treatment day. Group is facilitated three afternoon/evenings each week with Multi-family groups 2 times a month. Members are expected to participate in individual sessions with the therapist and dietitian weekly or as indicated in the individual service plan. Family therapy is encouraged and parents/guardians are expected to participate in treatment. Experiential sessions may include art, exposure outings and/or meal experiential sessions in the group setting.

Cognitive Behavior Treatment

Each individual will be treated by a licensed therapist who has training and
expertise in the treatment of eating disorders, with whom they will meet 1 time
weekly depending on need. Individual therapy sessions will assist the member in exploring the patterns and meanings of his/her eating disordered behaviors and beliefs. Assist in developing insights into his/her needs and challenges, create motivation and personal strategies for change and facilitate maintenance of a balanced, healthy life style.

Arizona Eating Disorder Treatment Meeting
Arizona Eating Disorder Treatment Meeting

Group Psychotherapy (Core Group)

Process groups are a daily occurrence/are daily therapeutic groups that
encourage individuals to share with others in a healthy and safe environment.
The ideals of process group include honesty, empathy, self awareness, mutual
help and cooperation, non-judgement and appropriate assertiveness. Process
groups facilitate a sense of hope, relationship building skills, belongingness,
optimism and communication.

Body Image Group

Body Image Group focuses on supporting and challenging members as they
identify and practice steps toward body acceptance through body desensitization. Over the course of this group members will learn to replace dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors related to their bodies, food and emotional concerns with acceptance and appropriate appearance and body image.

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Additional Groups May Include:

Adolescent Discharge Planning

Community Connections believes that it takes a team to encourage and support recovery. From the day a member enters treatment at the IOP to the follow up he/she receives after completing the IOP program at Community Connections, is all part of the plan and support involved in their recovery. The clinical team at Community Connections including the therapist, dietitian, coordinators, outpatient team, and his/her natural supports will work together to ensure he/she is on the right track to recovery and is making progress in his/her treatment.

Each member will develop a relapse prevention plan prior to discharge from the IOP. In addition, each individual and their treatment team will identify follow-up care (outpatient therapist, dietitian), community resources/natural supports,
additional outpatient recommendations and appointments and support groups as they develop their discharge plan. Prior to discharge each member will have completed their identified goals, have a solid discharge plan and developed a relapse prevention plan. Each member will continue be referred to an adolescent outpatient team prior to discharge if one is
not already identified.

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We recognize that each individual has a unique story, and his or her own distinctive strengths and challenges.  With input from the individual, his or her loved ones, and our experts, we develop an Arizona Eating Disorder Treatment plan for each individual.