Our Team

Community Connections, LLC is committed to providing the best clinical care and Arizona Eating Disorder Treatment experience for those struggling with an eating disorder. We are therapists, dietitians, behavioral health technicians who are seeking to make a difference in the lives of those with eating disorders.

Elizabeth Rodgers

Co-Founder and Director of Operations of Community Connections.  She earned her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice from the University of Kansas at Lawrence.  She went on to earn a Master's degree in Social Work from KU as well. Liz has 29 years of professional experience combining therapy, health administration and program development.  Liz's experience includes seven years therapy in correctional settings, Clinical Supervision, Clinical Director and Director of Operations working with Individuals with serious mental illness, developmental disabilities and eating disorders.  Early in her career, Liz provided the guidance and direction in the development of a local residential program serving individuals with serious mental illness, developmental disabilities and brain injuries, and now has more than 10 years of eating disorder treatment experience.  Additionally, Liz's therapeutic treatment experience includes closely working with children and adults in both residential and outpatient settings.   Liz was the driving force in the development and inception of Community Connections and currently serves as the Director of Operations, overseeing the day to day programming of both the Residential and Intensive Outpatient programs at Community Connections. "As a Social Worker, my passion has always been to serve the individual where they are, provide the needed programs for those that have less opportunities for treatment in the community and to maintain my focus on the individual".  I remain very passionate in my work and the treatment that Community Connections provides.  It is important to provide one service extremely well, rather than many services well". - Liz Rodgers, MSW

Christine Carrillo

Christine Carrillo is a licensed Clinical Therapist from Chicago, IL. She has been living in Phoenix Arizona for the past 5-years. She completed a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, Counseling Practice, and a Doctoral program in Psychology - teaching track, her area of research is in patient motivation and success, Epigenetics and Traumatic Brain Injury. Christine is a registered yoga instructor and is schooled in yoga-trauma release poses. She is trained in Equine assisted therapy and utilizes meditation, mindfulness, DBT, CBT, and cognitive processing as therapeutic modalities in treatment. Christine has 6-years of behavioral health experiences. Her background includes a specialization in Eating Disorders, Women’s Health, Postpartum Depression, Trauma, Self-harm, and Substance Abuse. Christine began her career in outpatient treatment centers and has worked in multi-cultural communities, with clients of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and diagnoses. She was a clinical counselor and Equine specialist at Rosewood Ranch, Center for Eating Disorders and has been a therapist at Community Connections for over 2-years. In her free time, Christine loves riding horses, hiking, practicing yoga, reading, and traveling. She has a passion for helping people resolve issues, learn positive coping skills to grow, heal, and change.

Leeann Kuang

Ms. LeeAnn graduated from University of San Diego with a Master of Arts and an emphasis in clinical mental health counseling in 2013. Upon graduation and post-master hours, Ms. LeeAnn has extensive clinical experience working with diverse populations and age groups. LeeAnn is a level 2 trained therapist in EMDR with advanced knowledge in attachment and dissociation. In addition, she incorporates other evidence based therapeutic approaches into her practices. Ms. LeeAnn meets her clients where they are to help them achieve optimal well-being.
In her free time, Ms. LeeAnn enjoys cooking and spending time with her family and friends.

Michelle Johnson

Michelle is originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Michelle moved to Phoenix in 1997 to pursue a bachelor’s of science in nursing degree from Grand Canyon University. She brings to the nursing profession a vast amount of knowledge and experience over the past 17 years. Her diverse nursing career includes labor and delivery, pediatric ICU, home health care, geriatric care in a skilled nursing facility, phone triage for pediatric offices and most recently, school nursing. These work experiences have provided Michelle with a profession that is rooted in professional ethics and ethical values. Her nursing performance is based on altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity and honesty. Michelle currently resides in Glendale, Arizona with her husband of 20 years and her four teenagers (ages 18, 17, 15 & 13). In her spare time, Michelle enjoys going to church, reading, hiking, swimming, biking and spending time with her family. A favorite quote that Michelle clings to is, “Meet your fears with FAITH” by Max Lucado.

Kayli Norris

Kayli graduated with honors from Arizona State University with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in May 2014. Since that time, she has worked in a broad range of healthcare settings and with diverse groups of patients. Kayli started her nursing career on a medical-surgical unit that specialized in gastrointestinal disease, gynecology, and palliative care. She has worked in the women’s health field as both an IVF nurse coordinator and a labor and delivery nurse. She has also spent time working in a plastic and reconstructive surgery clinic, in case management, and most recently, in a role providing specialty medication education to individuals with chronic illnesses. She is thrilled to be a part of the Community Connections team as the on-call registered nurse.  Kayli’s professional fulfillment as a registered nurse stems from any time that allows for individualized and intentional connection to her patients. She enjoys empowering the individuals she works with to become advocates of their health and as such, is currently pursuing her Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy.  “I believe one of the best measures of a good nurse is that they have the ability to make every patient feel like their only patient, and that is what I strive to do for every individual under my care.”
-Kayli Norris, BSN, RN

Lorin Clinkenbeard

Lorin is a native of Arizona. Lorin obtained her Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) through Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners.  Lorin has extensive expertise and training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and has worked with Eating Disorder population since 2013.  She is passionate about creating a safe place for all individuals to process their emotional disturbances associated with past traumas in order to get healing and emotional freedom.  Additionally, Lorin assists with learning helpful and effective coping skills and learning to accept life on life's terms.

Heather Suggs

Heather has been a counselor since 1997 having graduated from Oakland University in Michigan. Heather received her Master’s Degree in Counseling 1996 and became certified in Child and Adolescent Counseling, Psychological Testing and Couples and Family Counseling.   In 1997, Heather earned her License in Professional Counseling. In the most recent years Heather held a private practice business in Michigan, Utah as well as Arizona.  In addition to being the Primary Therapist for Community Connections’ Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program, Heather works at the University of Phoenix teaching the Counseling Residency courses to the graduate program students. Heather has an array of counseling experience with both adolescent populations and adult populations.   She has a life long passion and a commitment to work with individuals struggling with various eating disorders and disordered eating.  Heather’s commitment to those she serves is to truly understand an individual’s key issues impacting their eating disorder, like self-esteem, depression and compulsion. ​ “I truly love people and enjoy seeing them thrive and work through difficult issues. My clients are real SuperHeroes!” - H.A. Suggs, M.A., LPC

Christine Lewallen

Christine is a registered dietitian as well as a fitness instructor and a mother of two beautiful girls. She has been a dietitian for more than 20 years and is Community Connections Lead Dietitian.  Christine is a graduate of Chico State University at California where she earned her Bachelors in Dietetics & Food Administration and a certificate in Exercise Physiology. Christine’s scope of practice ranges from ten plus years in bariatrics and diabetes education along with nutrition education for all ages.  She has had a private practice in California for several years where she also worked with individuals who were treated for eating disorders but relocated to beautiful Arizona where for the last seven years she has worked at inpatient facilities, partial inpatient treatment programs, residential treatment programs, IOP counseling centers and out patient treatment programs.    Christine is married and enjoys many outdoor sports and activities.  She was an Elite Spartan obstacle racer for several years until a traffic accident ended her participation in running activities.  Although Christine can no longer participate in short and long distance races, she continues to motivate and inspire individuals by participating in group fitness through spinning, body combat training and body pump classes. Christine's expertise, enthusiasm and her passion to help individuals improve their lives & relationships with food are the right attributes to help motivate those struggling with ED. "I'm passionate about people and their lives and how they can be their best at whatever it is they do." - Christine Lewallen, R.D.

Jordanna Riccitelli

BS, Dietitian
Jordanna is an Arizona native, with a passion for all things food and nutrition. She earned her Bachelor's degree in nutrition and dietetics, graduating from Arizona State University with honors, and is currently working toward her Master’s Degree in the same studies from Central Michigan University. Now working as a dietitian in her local community, Jordanna’s professional experience includes holistic care, elderly care, as well as disordered eating. Jordanna strongly believes that nutrition education is the key to maintaining a balanced intake and best see lasting optimal nutrition outcomes. Jordanna works well with individuals who struggle with mental health. ​Her approach to nutrition therapy in all realms of specialty focuses on understanding and connecting with the client to grasp who they truly are, beyond their circumstance. With a genuine compassion for her clients and an infectious positive outlook, she hopes that the joy she finds in food can be shared. "Food is a connection point for people from all walks of life. Let's connect and let me help you become your best, most nourished self!" - Jordanna Riccitelli

Vanessa Derozan-Simpson

Vanessa is the Office Coordinator for Community Connections, LLC. She is a seasoned Administrator with more than 25 years in the field of Behavioral Health with extensive experience in all Administration tasks. Before moving to Arizona, Vanessa was a California native and worked for NCADD/BHS for 15 years serving clients in the fields of Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation, Domestic Violence, Family Preservation and DUI.  Vanessa has more than five years of experience working with individuals that struggle with Eating Disorders, both adults and adolescents. When it comes to servicing potential clients as well current and past clients, Vanessa takes personal pride in making everyone feel welcomed and heard. Vanessa understands each person's path to treatment is unique and each person should be valued once walking through the doors of Community Connections.   Vanessa makes the beginning of the treatment experience comfortable and successful for All. In addition to her duties as a Wife and Mother, Vanessa continues to provide the same dedication and commitment in working for a prominent company servicing individuals with eating disorders. “Be thankful for the things you have and the things you don’t”. -  Vanessa DeRozan-Simpson

You can help someone turn their life around today.

We recognize that each individual has a unique story, and his or her own distinctive strengths and challenges.  With input from the individual, his or her loved ones, and our experts, we develop an individualized eating disorder treatment plan for each individual.